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Check out my photos for next years photo competitions!

I am gonna participate in my first photo-competition next year through my photoclub in Karlskoga. This is a big decision for me and something I didn´t want to do at first. To begin with, it is a lack of confidence, yes I admit that. But it is not only this. It is a lack of knowledge on how to get good quality photos when sending them to some company for development as well as lack of good quality photos.

To comment on my self-accusations-

1. Lack of confidence: Might sound strange to be me. I don´t lack confidence in general. This is more of a ”I haven’t been an amateur photographer for so long time, I don’t know everything, what if I mess up” kind of thing. Yeah, what if I mess up? What if? Who cares. Answering this question I realised that I can participate.

2. (What company to choose?) I edited my photos last weekend and haven’t send them to any developing firm yet. This is because I don´t know which firm to choose. So people, please give me tips for this for the future! Checked out Crimson, but the price..

3. Not so good quality. In the end I decided to go for some high quality photos as well as some overexposed photos that I had to spend some more time editing. I will post the settings here and I am sorry, they are of poor quality some of them and have very wrong settings when taking the photo, I know. But please. Feel free to comment and to kick my sorry little photographers ass!


To hype it up a little I will tell you which competitions I am sending them to and why.


Competition one

In the competition one I will participate with two collections. One color and one monochrome.

Collection color

Båtar i Chancay (Boats in Chancay) is my collection of boats from the harbour of Chancay in Peru. We went there and discovered the harbour by mistake, a pleasant mistake.
080341_båtarna_i_chancay 080342_båtarna_i_chancay 080343_båtarna_i_chancay


Another mistake are my settings, not so pleasant. Be amazed on how off I am!

Photo 1. iso 2000, 24mm, f5,0 and 1/8000 sek

Photo 2. iso 2000, 47mm, f5,0 and 1/8000 sek

Photo 3. iso 2000, 70mm, f5,0 and 1/8000 sek


Collection monochrome

A bit more confident when checking out these photos. Shot with my amazing Sigma Art lens and edited in Lightroom and photoshop, adding a sepia filter I´m calling these ones ”Självporträtt vid Torrvarpen” (Selfportraits by the lake Torrvarpen).



Photo 1: iso 200, 50mm, F8, 1/20 sek

Photo 2: iso100, 50mm, F1,4, 1/320 sek

Photo 3: iso100, 50mm, F1,4, 1/320 sek

Much better, wouldn’t you say?


Competition two

For this competition I need at least two of the following to participate in one class but they are judged separately. I am aiming on participating in the class black and white. What do you think about these photos as part of a photo competition? We are now back in Peru.

HH7A0833 HH7A0876 HH7A0878


Photo 1: iso 2000, 99mm, f.5, 1/3200 sek

Photo 2: iso 2500, 105mm, f.8, 1/8000 sek

Photo 3: iso 2500, 32mm, f.8, 1/8000 sek




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