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My new little workspace.

A couple of weeks ago Martin and I packed ourself into my cute little Peugeot and went to Örebro and IKEA. All non-Swedes out there, you know what IKEA is right? Well, if you don’t, google it. Anyway, we headed for IKEA to get ourself a little workspace. I bought both the furniture for the workspace but also an external bigger screen then my little Macbook have and it feels so great!

I am extra happy today when working on some photobooks for Christmas. You really need that big screen then.

I want to wish you all a great and happy week! My week holds work and evenings spent preparing for Christmas and watching the Glades.


Desk, lamp and coaster for the desk from IKEA. Wacom plate from Scandinavian photo (from the photofair in Stockholm), Macbook, Logitech mouse and Asus external screen


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