Month: oktober 2014

Shoot better travel photographs – early morning shooting

See my first guide ”Shoot better travel photographs” for the basics of both shooting photos and shooting better travel photographs, including basic tips, preparing going out shooting, settings and for editing when abroad. This post is a continuation of that post and won´t go into basics. When in Borgå, me and Konsta Punkka, an amazing 20 year old photographer went out taking photos. It was his travel concept, when going abroad, he is an early bird, getting out of bed before the sun rises to get the most amazing shots. When 5-6 o´clock early morning Why There are several advantages of getting up early. – The early morning light is surely the best light, I think you agree, especially in combination with fog and long shutterspeed. But there are also other advantages, – as in cities: no traffic at five o´clock in the morning – some animals are early morning persons as well so you probably get more lucky catching them on camera. – you get a head. If you shoot from 5 o´clock until aroun …

One of my favorite shots from the Stripa Mine.

Bergslagen, the area I live in is an old mining district. Through the ages mining and other metal industry have been the heart and soul of the area. The area is now changing and what was once a triving buisness is have disappeared gradually over a long time. I visited the Stripa mine this summer, an old mine- industry close to Lindesberg this summer. I like the old and especially the industry old. For me it was a gold mine of old Swedish steel industry history. At the moment this is what my photoproject is about. I am digging deep in old articles about Swedish mill history and the effect on the small communities in Sweden. Heartbreaking stories and strong opinions follow in the footsteps of the economic crisis, I assure you. Katarina  

Practicing photoediting: Heading to the local store.

After work me and Martin headed for the local foodstore to get something to eat and send and collect packages. Shot some photos and when I got home I practiced some editing in photoshop. Tried out the brushtool and some photofilter. The brushtool, is a bit tricky but think I am getting the hang of it. What do you think? Katarina Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii (photos of me by Martin), editing in Lightroom and Photoshop CC. For editing steps, see down below photos.   Editing steps: 1. First I adjusted contrast and some clarity in lightroom. 2. Opened the photo in photoshop 3. Converted the photo into a smart object (right click on the background layer and choose, convert to smart object) 4. Add new layer 5. Choose brushtool 6. Adjust size, color and transparancy (about 7%) 7. Brush, brush, brush, adjust and brush 8. Add layer with photofilter, adjust photofilter Voilá!

Prep. for Paris – Love, lust and baguettes.

  Started collecting tips the other day on a closed forum on Facebook for the network Svenska Resebloggar. Got some good tips for Paris as well as some from colleagues. But I of course want some more tips form you readers here! The tips I already got is among the pictures. The tips can be of any nature, adventures, food or just plain old historic stuff that my mother and I love.   So go ahead and comment! Katarina

All yellow everywhere- When the leaves shift color.

This week is all about autumn in Sweden. It is now it happens! The whole world turns into a yellow cake with some early morning frosting. I know you love autumn pictures and strolled around Grythyttan the other day when the sun and the weather was perfect. Grythyttan is such an amazing plaze, I can see that now when I edited the photos. Enjoy the atmosphere and have a happy October everybody! Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm canon lens L-series, edited in Lightroom    

Swing it!

Nowadays I participate in a photoclub. Every month we hand in a couple of pictures for the monthly competition. Some months have themes and this had ”sports”. Well, must say that it wasn´t easy. In the end, this is what I dug up deep in my archive. Please give me your opinion on everything. Katarina ps. check out shoes.. Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, editing in Lightroom

10 things to do in Lima- My guide to Lima

It took me a little longer than expected but here are my tips for a good TIME (with camera) in Lima using the TIME-list and adding my own tips.   1-4. Activities worth doing 1. Go to a fruitmarket. Close to where we lived in the area Los Olivos we had a market, I called it a fruit market but they sold both fruit, meat and fish. I went to this market several times and the photo possibilities are endless. So much fruit, so much color and so much fun. You get to the market in Los Olivos by first taking the Metropolitano (the fast transfer bus system with few lines in Lima) and then a cab or the local bus. The local bus system is special and you need to ask the locals about which number or bus to take. Besides the photo possibilities you also find an amazing range of fruit and vegetables. A lot of the fruit I was not familiar to before and not all of us know them. Fruits/vegetables like Maracuya …

Met a horse.

Went for a walk in the forest today. The weather is all greyish and boring for being early October but I guess thats how life is like sometimes. Was invited to go have tacos and tequila at six by a friend, so I guess that is a plus for this greyish Saturday. That and the horse I met in the forest, what a beautiful one. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens (l-series), edited in Lightroom.

New in the camera bag- A polarizing filter

Isn´t it always extremely fun when you get some new photo equip delivered after hours and hours of surfing the net to find the perfect piece for you and your camera bag? For me the newest thing in the camerabag is a polarizing filter- at last! Wrote about ND – filters during the summer (something I definitively will go back online shopping for) but decided to go for a polarizing first. Not a moment to late! Will do a post about the differenced between not having a filter and having one later. But first! Enjoy my new equip and take a look at my first photo with the filter down below. What does this filter do? – It reduces reflections – It saves the color and contrast of the sky during sunnier days or other stuff in the image that tend to get overexposed or erased by excessive light. You can adjust the intensity of the filter through rotating the filter Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.   The first photo I took with …

the September sunrise.

This morning I made my coworker pull over the car when passing this great lake. Just had to shoot some photos of the sunrise during this foggy September. It seems that I can´t get enough of the fog! This week I had my seminar of the ongoing photoproject I am doing. Discussed my project idea. Won´t share to much of my project yet since it still is evolving in different direction and I have ended up in some sort of creative mess that I have to sort out through reading and ”just do it” by taking more photos. Photography isn´t that easy for me, at the moment, but I guess that happens to all of us.. //Oh my God. I just realized that it is the 1st of October!// Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, edited in lightroom.