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Practicing photoediting: Heading to the local store.

After work me and Martin headed for the local foodstore to get something to eat and send and collect packages. Shot some photos and when I got home I practiced some editing in photoshop. Tried out the brushtool and some photofilter. The brushtool, is a bit tricky but think I am getting the hang of it. What do you think?


Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii (photos of me by Martin), editing in Lightroom and Photoshop CC. For editing steps, see down below photos.
martin2 martin3 katarina katarina2


Editing steps:

1. First I adjusted contrast and some clarity in lightroom.

2. Opened the photo in photoshop

3. Converted the photo into a smart object (right click on the background layer and choose, convert to smart object)

4. Add new layer

5. Choose brushtool

6. Adjust size, color and transparancy (about 7%)

7. Brush, brush, brush, adjust and brush

8. Add layer with photofilter, adjust photofilter



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