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New in the camera bag- A polarizing filter

Isn´t it always extremely fun when you get some new photo equip delivered after hours and hours of surfing the net to find the perfect piece for you and your camera bag?

For me the newest thing in the camerabag is a polarizing filter- at last! Wrote about ND – filters during the summer (something I definitively will go back online shopping for) but decided to go for a polarizing first. Not a moment to late!

Will do a post about the differenced between not having a filter and having one later. But first! Enjoy my new equip and take a look at my first photo with the filter down below.

What does this filter do?

– It reduces reflections

– It saves the color and contrast of the sky during sunnier days or other stuff in the image that tend to get overexposed or erased by excessive light. You can adjust the intensity of the filter through rotating the filter


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens.


HH7A0793 HH7A0795 HH7A0796 HH7A0799


The first photo I took with the filter, heading for my friends 30th birthday party. Taken at Stora Hammarsundet in the municipality of Askersund, Sweden. I don´t think there is any doubt that the filter really ”saves” the contrast in the picture on a sunny day, do you agree?



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