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Borgå- Porvoo- Turn foto into art.

Today we went to the Artfactory in Borgå. Before we where suppose to send a photo that we wanted to turn into art. This is the photo I sended. The processes where fairly easy. We basically painted acrylic paint on a woodenboard and then a photo printed on normal a4 paper. Then you let it dry and just rub it of. Volia, you have a painting that is very cool. Mine is packed down now but will post it in another post.

the artist that helped us and showed how to do it, was named Antti H. Raatikainen and is among the pictures wearing orange (last picture). You find the his page on

Just got back from trying to do some northern light night shooting, didn´t go very well.


Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, editing in lightroom.

HH7A9840-2 HH7A9843 HH7A9859 HH7A9865 HH7A9866 HH7A9869 HH7A9872 HH7A9875 HH7A9876 HH7A9886 HH7A9887 HH7A9915


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