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going to Porvoo- 3 days and counting

There is a lot of planning before going on a trip. It kind of struck me today that there is as much planning for me going one week to Finland as going three months to South America, if you don´t count the vaccinationshots that hade to be taken some months ahead. That must say a little about my planning, it is none existing. I normally end up without a toothbrush and to much clothes, either to warm or to cold clothes, often to warm.

Well, the scar tissue from my Tuberculosis shot is now fading, it actually still hurts after 6 months (?!), and new trips are being planned.

In June I was in Gotland, in August on a music festival in Gothenburg, Stockholm (last weekend) and now next week I am heading for Finland. 3 days and counting. This blogtrip the is arranged by the Travelhous in Porvoo will be easy to follow in social media by searching the hashtag, #travelhouseporvoo.

Yesterday I started with a photoproject (I am now a onlinestudent at the University of Gothenburg) where I went to a small town called Lesjöfors and took some photos of the old Industry quarters. How beautiful. Since I am saving the photos for a project I will give you some photos from my Stockholm-trip last weekend. In away I imaging that Helsinki is going to be a lot like Stockholm, at least in its appearance and beauty.


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