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A photowalk in Stockholm- part 2

Cont. of last post.

We walked for a long while me and Antonia and she showed me the amazing crown. Couldn´t really help it but had to keep the crown in color. In the first pictures Antonia (Divage) showed me her trick when taking photos of things that moves and I had to try it out of course. Cool effect I must say. The woman on the bike in the first picture is passing the castle.


All photos taken by me and edited by me in Lightroom. The photos are taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii and 24-105 mm Canon lens. In the next post there is photos taken of me by Antonia.


HH7A8767 HH7A8779 HH7A8787 HH7A8794 HH7A8801 HH7A8803 HH7A8805 HH7A8806 HH7A8808 HH7A8810 HH7A8819 HH7A8821 HH7A8832 HH7A8848 HH7A8854




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