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Booking a hotel in France.

Yesterday me and my mother ordered the plane tickets for our trip to France in October. Today I´m trying to find a suitable hotel.

Follow a lot of travel blogs and they always write that it is so amazing to book and browse new trips. I must say that I disagree. I browse through reading other blogs but then booking them, not so much fun anymore. Dreaming is fun. Practical planning not as much.

Will get back to this tomorrow and look at my latest addiction, Teen Wolf.

enjoy some pics from Gotland, me and my moms last trip.



HH7A5242 HH7A5251

HH7A5132 HH7A5185
HH7A5199 HH7A5257


HH7A5278 HH7A5308


  1. It’s so nice that you and your mum get on so well … and lovely photos !
    I am a past master at the art of booking hotels in France. Where do you want to go to ?

  2. Try to read lots of reviews about the places you want to book from different sites. I’ve found that the french hotels seem better on the internet than they are in reality lol. I’m still figuring it out and tend to book bed&breakfast or family owned type ’pensions’. 🙂

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