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Masterthesis- Reporting on environment- Video

Elie Gardner, Oscar Durand and Barbara Fraser are three environmental journalists who travel all over Peru to report on environment.

Reporting from one of the most sensitive countries to the effect of climate change, with a visible lack of water they explain how their work as environmental journalists play out, issues of work- security, the role of visuals in reporting on Peruvian environment and the future in Peru. Leading up to the Cop 20, the United Nations Conference of the parties on climate change, being held in Peru this December, they have much to tell.



By Katarina Wohlfart


  1. Bloody good – if depressing … You probably don’t see it like that; but I find it hard to see so many aspects of ordinary life so carelessly treated. It’s a matter of completely different peoples with completely different attitudes, of course; I’m happy to read about them, but I could not have, as you did, lived there.
    On a totally different subject – well done with fixing a windsock to your microphone ! 🙂

    • On a totally different subject. Apparently the whole packagething is my fault. In the written small text somewhere on the web it is written that packages are not included and that I should have called the postal office and made an arrangement *big cry*. So now I pay. When can you send it again and can you send me the account number on mail and what it cost to send all over the world?

  2. Sadly in the U.S. climate science has been taken hostage by a political party who gets major funding from industrial interests who make money from processes that pollute the earth. Equally sad are those who believe the 5% of scientists that disseminate bogus science while being funded by these industrialists.

    • Yes. This is a problem of course. It is a bit hard to believe yourself sometimes as it is a problem with little evidence. Maybe today it is easier due to all floodings etc, but from the beginning it was easy to say that it is bogus. There are more countries than US that are ruled by skeptics or people earning money denying it, for example you have Australia who are going in the opposite direction my removing the instruments that was put in place to counteract and stop co2 emissions, like taxes.

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