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the Masterthesis is delivered!

Im so incredibly happy right now. The master thesis is delivered and tomorrow morning, in about 9 hours we leave for Cusco. Are packing the bags, and planning the amazing outfit for Machu Picchu as we speak!

Didn´t have anything visual that suited my thesis so thought you could enjoy one of the first sketches I drew before leaving Sweden when I first got my iPad. It is drawn in the free app, Adobe Ideas.



    • haha 🙂 Yes. Now it is only the entire practical part that are to be handed in. But that is so much more fun. That I love. 🙂

  1. You wonderful woman ! – in spite of all distractions, you did it !!!! My sincere congratulations; and equally sincere hopes for a top result, Katarina ! Now you can relax at last – and Machu Picchu ahead. GOODONYERMATE !!

  2. Grattis, härligt! Tror jag förstår känslan av glädje, stolthet och lättnad. Själv har jag några spurtdagar kvar till euforin 🙂

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