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New article by me published about the Green Jobs movement on Type Magazine, our student newspaper at the University of Örebro.

READ IT HERE! –  in English.

The article will later on be added to the archive and portfolio here on this blog.

Happy reading, Katarina

Photos of the beautiful windmills close to Ludvika here in Sweden. Took the photos for the article with my Canon 5D and my 24-105mm lens. When doing so I really wished that I owned a telescope-lens!

Vindkraftverk 1_red Vindkraftverk 2_red Vindkraftverk 3_red


  1. Bravo!, my friend … I was particularly taken with your pointing out the sceptic’s lack of credentials!

    • Thanks m. It was a hard piece for me to write since I have a big faith and strong believe in environmental work, but I do feel that it in some parts are used against us to hide other big issues and get voters. I think it is an issue I probably could have pursued for a long time, but there is of course a deadline.

      • It’s a form of recognition that I like your blog. 🙂 If you accept it, you may want to nominate your favorite bloggers. It’s a process where we bloggers express our fondness for each other’s work. Hope this makes sense. 🙂

        • Yes. I think I get it, like a photochallenge in away. I think this was a good thing. There is a lot about photos but not so much about writing. I´m glad to see something of this also. It would be great to participate. How do I do that and how many do I need to nominate? Is there any description somewhere? I´m glad that you like my blog even though I don´t seem to be able to decide if I´m writing in Swedish or English. haha

          • I LOVE your pictures! 🙂 Well, nomination means winning so you have won these awards 🙂 Now you may want to nominate 5 or 10 for the awards. I don’t know if there is any description anywhere. There’s some requirement for Liebster Award, but perhaps not for these. 🙂

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