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Martin kokade rönnbärsgele häromdagen.

Martin cooked Rowan-berry jelly the other day.


Photos taken with Canon 5D mark 3, 24-105 mm objektiv.

HH7A5529 HH7A5359 HH7A5539 HH7A5547

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  1. Wow! – checking the temperature and all! Professionalism!! Chic used to make the best orange marmalade in the world, in a HUGE saucepan. I had to do my share of stirring, and it was tiring. He got around 25 jars out of each batch. Can’t tell you how much I wish I could do it. Martin’s rowanberry jelly looks GORGEOUS !!!! Give him my compliments.

    • Nej. Jag är ingen pysslare men tycker det är underbart när Martin pysslar så var mycket glad över hans kokande och passade såklart på att fota. Vågar inte smaka på sylten/gelen utan bara tittar på den.. hihi. Vi ska ju snart åka så vi ska ge bot i present.

    • We have a saying in Sweden which explains the taste ”sour, said the fox about rowan berries”. The berries exist everywhere, I have them in my apartment garden and they bloom in august and continue in autumn here. They are probably very sour but when you make jam, jelly etc you add so much sugar. The jelly I haven´t tasted yet so I actually don´t know what it tastes. I´m a bit cowardly in that sense. I think you use it traditionally for steak or wild-meat. 🙂

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