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A sneakpeek of last weeks wedding

The reason why I not have posted posts all week is the reason that I shot my second wedding of my extremely long carrier as a wedding photographer this last weekend. Well, that and the fact that I at the moment in the Czech Republic on a trip. This is a sneakpeek of that wedding. Will of course do an entire post later and tons of travel guides from Prague and East Moravia where I am at the moment. Katarina Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and Sigma 50 mm Art lens. Couple: Ellinor and Thomas, October 3rd, Örebro.

Preparing for an October wedding – a cow, a dog and some sand

This weekend I am shooting my second wedding for my carrier, in Örebro. During the day I was at Scandinavian photo and prepared for the weekend mission by buying a new battery for my camera, two new memory cards, a CF card of 64 gb and a SD card of 64 gb plus some batteries for my polaroid. The wallet said ”ouch” when paying but, ”because I am worth it”, as the Loreal commercial says. Last weekend (two weeks ago) I met up with my third wedding couple to prepare for an mid Ocotober wedding the 17th. I shot some of my favorite photos for the year, a cow, a dog and a lot of sand *grin*. This weeding will take place close to my hometown in Småland. The weather was so magnificent it fel like middle of summer. Katarina

scouting spots for wedding photography in Örebro

Camera *check*, extra battery *check*, Sigma lens *check*. After packing carefully I head out to my car. Fear rises when I get out on the bigger roads in Stockholm. Will there be a lot of cars, maybe even a que? But today I am lucky and it is only me and a few cars on the road giving me a free lane. I drive slowly and are soon on my way. The day has been spend checking spots for an upcoming wedding in Örebro the 3rd of October. I have been longing to shoot a wedding ever since I was on Iceland so this was a happy day! A church, a bridge and a castle later I head home to my cosy apartment that I have grown fond of and edit some photos before Martin gets back. After 20 minutes he calls ”I am on my way home” and I feel even more happy. Sundays are the best days! Both getting the possibility to shoot some photos and now the rest of the evening will be …

shifting skies

I got home from Iceland at 6.00 a.m Monday morning this week and died. I woke up from the coffin around 3 p.m (Monday afternoon) when Martin called and since then I have been walking around in some sort of fog. Without any doubt Iceland was one of the most fantastic experiences in my life and I will re-tell the story afterwards, while being there I didn´t have any energy to blog so this will be some sort of, looking back at my week in Iceland week. I am back in Stockholm and back at work and Martin have also moved here by now. The second day on Iceland was spend by driving around inbetween targets, the Gullfoss waterfall and some roadshots together with some overexposed sunnier shots in the sun. It is so weird how the skies and the climate can change during the day and go from dark skies, rain, a bit cold and then later turn into sun, more sun and a lot of sun. How? So I am sorry that the …

A Greek Wedding Story – Vicky and Stefanos

Saturday the 11th of July my cousin in Athens got married to his Vicky. I was there as a guest with Martin, my aunt and family, it was a greek ortodox wedding and my first of the kind. The morning started with some baklava and celebrating my other cousins birthday. It continued with getting ready for the wedding, sweating and trying to cool down at the same time. It seemed cooler then the other days, but still hot enough to be difficult when wearing dress coats. The wedding took place in a small local church close to my cousins home and the party at a beach a 20 minutes drive from Athens. In the church we got to witness a whole procedure of speaking and singing in something like latin, not understanding a word. But even if not understanding the language it was something special about it. During the evening the atmosphere was relaxed, no speaches, just an open bar and good food. We concluded that we didn´t miss the Swedish speaches and the stiff …

Preparing for a wedding in Athens

We arrived Thursday in Athens and when we arrived, the family was preparing for the wedding. Stepping out in the airport Aten-Elefthérios Venizélos we were picked up by Stefanos, my cousin who is getting married. The day was spend playing football (not me though) and then later in the evening we were invited to dinner at Vicky´s (the bride to be) parents place. We had the most fantastic Greek food ever. As everyone is well aware of Greece is struggling with a severe economic crisis. I haven´t experienced much of this yet but everyone is talking about it and when out you can see people queuing to the ATMs. Today the wedding is taking place and we are getting prepared by ironing our clothes, doing the hair and make – up and having the pre- wedding drink to calm our nerves. Katarina Photos shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and Sigma 50 mm Art, Canon 40 mm pancake

A Bergslagen wedding – Linnea and Alexander

A spring wedding in Bergslagen Two weeks ago on the second of May a spring wedding took place in Bergslagen in the county of Örebro, the wedding between Linnea and Alexander, two active dancers from Nora. I met with Linnea and Alexander the first time in February, discussing the plans for their spring wedding. At that time, spring seemed far off talking about what to come, in the dark February evening. As a photographer a wedding is a big event, so big that a lot of photographers doesn´t even want to shoot it. A good thing then, I am brave. Well, the night before I must say I was a bit nervous and when thinking back as I told the couple when handing over their photos yesterday, ”I don´t remember a bit from the actual ceremony”. Maybe I was focused, maybe I was nervous, who knows. But I do remember the feeling, the atmosphere when the couple came out from the church, laughing, hugging their loved ones, dancing and the color of the cake. And that …

The day after a big event.

Shot my first wedding yesterday. Will show you pictures after I handed them to the clients and gotten their approval of course. Today, my day has been like a blur and I feel somewhat like the anemones you see on the pic, a bit pale and past time but still hanging on. I planned my day according to all tips and tricks out there to find and all of them payed off in one or the other way. Like: 1. Use comfortable clothes, but look representable. I went for the old fashion – trick of wearing black. I found myself lying on the ground and bending my feet in all possible ways so a pair of ballerina as one photographer suggested on her blog where the best tips. 2. Bring snacks. I didn´t have time to eat so yes, I snacked in my car inbetweem locations. Good suggestion. 3. Memorize schedule. I did, and that was good. I got all the photos I wanted and needed but it was with small marginals all the time. …

Trial and error – preparing for a wedding – the photographers view

Shooting my first wedding in May. Met the couple today to check out some spots around the church. The church is very beautiful and we decided for some nice areas around the church for portraits. This photo was taken when I was hanging over the altar in the front of the church. A funny situation occurred when I was shooting inbetween the decorations that caused both the couple as well as I to laugh, and well, to slow shutterspeed made this nice motion blurr. Anyway, weddings are suppose to be fun so lets hope there will be more of that on the wedding- day. 🙂 Katarina Shot with Canon 5D and Sigma 50mm Art lens, ed Lightroom  

Editing roses in photoshop.

I´m no big user of photoshop but last night I decided to edit some. My mother had brought home roses that where very beautiful, but had a lot of defects such as brown spots (see original picture one) and decided that this was an terrific time to start editing in photoshop. Photo taken with Canon 5D Mark iii and 50mm Canon lens f1.8. For your knowledge I have Adobe Photoshop CC (creative cloud) in Swedish. I translated the best I could but the names might be different in the English versions. My goal was to get rid of the spots on the roses and make the picture more attractive in general. I decided to go for a vintage-look since it is a popular editing technique for weddings nowadays. See final result in picture two. This is how I did it step by step: 1. I adjusted the lighting in the picture a little in Bridge. This is how I have learned that it should be done but in the case of the roses I think that …