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My masterthesis: Environment as a conflict issue

Environment as a conflict issue You can here music from the different regions being played mixed with more modern versions of the same. A distinct smell of city and diesel is hovering around and the car horns are loud. “Palta, palta” is yelled out from speakers, at first you react on the sound, but soon learn to familiarize with the bicycling fruit delivers who have speakers to enhance the important message, that now avocado is coming to your street. In Peru the three regions are of very great importance to the Peruvian culture. Not only due to history but also to the environment, creating micro climates and the possibility to grow a variety of crops. On the coast it is the ocean, in the Andes the glaciers and in the jungle, the amazon that are giving life to all these possibilities. Due to climate change and the lack of water many conflicts surrounding scarcity have occurred. One example in history is when 100 farmers took over the Hydro Electric plant, Cañón del Pato, due the …

Masterthesis- Reporting on environment- Video

Elie Gardner, Oscar Durand and Barbara Fraser are three environmental journalists who travel all over Peru to report on environment. Reporting from one of the most sensitive countries to the effect of climate change, with a visible lack of water they explain how their work as environmental journalists play out, issues of work- security, the role of visuals in reporting on Peruvian environment and the future in Peru. Leading up to the Cop 20, the United Nations Conference of the parties on climate change, being held in Peru this December, they have much to tell.     By Katarina Wohlfart


Forgot to publish this in March, just published the photostory of Independencia, but I also wrote a feature with pictures about the water situation in Lima and Peru. Hope you find it interesting! Arriving in Lima, the humid heated city air hit you straight in the face at Jorge Chavez airport, making you realize that you are no longer in a cold country of zero degrees and misty surroundings of Arlanda airport, Stockholm. Even though there are differences, Sweden and Lima share the common threat, a changing climate and what that entail. Walking the streets of a mega city is so much different from being in small country like Sweden, where there is no mega city as far as the eye can reach. In Lima 8,5 million (figure from 2007) people live their everyday life, the second biggest desert city next to Kairo. But the thing special about Lima, is the climate. The humid foggy air definitively makes a difference, something you notice, this and the fact that it is not as warm as you …