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Support a documentary about Syrian refugees in Europe!

My classmate Rime is doing a documentary about Syrian refugees in Europe and is going to crowdfund it, which means funding by givers. Click on this link and read about the project and if you like it, give a dollar or two. The more the merrier! It is important to highlight the refugees and their situation but also, how governments is handling it and that is why I think you should do as I did and support it. The giving part is very easy. This is Rime, my classmate and below you can read and watch her earlier work to make up your own mind. Katarina Freelancing, a double edged sword (written article) This is not a Christmas Break (film) TAMER ABU GHAZALEH, A PAN-ARAB MUSICIAN (written article and film) You find more of Rimes work on, our student Magazine.