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Those days between

I need days when I just skip planning and skip feeling the need to do anything. Today was a typical one of those days, a day when I didn´t get anything done, barely made the bed and are glad waking up before 12 o´clock. When a day like this hits me I try to avoid it at first, later giving up after fighting for an hour or two. After breakfast today I decided to go out shooting some stills of my lenses, the lensbaby lens and the Canon 24-105 lens, thinking that it would cheer me up. Then I dragged myself out on a walk by the lake and shot the below photos. Back home I felt sorry for myself and played videogames the rest of the day, failing miserably in my attempt to cheer myself up doing the thing I love, shooting photos, and walking. At the moment the day feels like a waste of time but I know that I will feel better tomorrow. More well rested and hopefully up for a longer …

Friday evening and sunset.

This week has been all about work and now it´s finally Friday. The weather has been so fantastic, but since I have been working I have not brought my camera with me. The other evening when the sun was setting I couldn´t resist so I shot the following photo with my phone. The phone does at least okay I think even if it not possible to compare with my DSLR. Martin is playing videogames and I am heating up some pizza he made yesterday. Have a great evening and weekend guys. Katarina iPhone 6+, lightroom

Cooking for craft exam in culinary arts- playing with liquid nitrogen

Saturday, a bunch of chefs met up to prepare for their upcoming exam in culinary arts and tried out the different combinations. Nine or ten courses later, I must say that I am still full. Check out the images of Martin when playing with liquid nitrogen. This is an imageseries. Katarina Shot with Canon 5D Mark iii and my Canon 50mm f/1.8 ii. Edited in Lightroom.

A miniweekend at Loka Brunn Spa

This weekend Martin and me went for a small miniweekend with one nights stay at Loka Brunn in Bergslagen, close to where I live. Loka Brunn is a small spa village run by the Spendrups family who also own Grythyttans Gästgiveri. People have been coming here for centuries to drink the spring waters. We went to visit the spa and to relax. Loka consists of both a spa, conference buildings, restaurant and a hotel. The cuisine is of a high standard and the bed extremely comfortable. Before going here I never considered myself as a spa-person. After being here just one night I have to say I´ve changed my mind. Coming home I really felt more relaxed.       The Rooms Loka holds around 150 rooms. We stayed in the house seen in the photo below. The areas surrounding is fantastic with the view over lakes and forests.   Martin and me stayed from Friday to Saturday, starting with afternoon coffe, some bathing and spa and later having a three course dinner. Early Saturday we went for a …

Kitchen stories- Akademisk högtid

The students finally get to rest. The event is over and the video I produced, is shown and hopefully appreciated. Akademisk högtid is a yearly event held for new scientist at the Universities around in Sweden. In Örebro this event was held Saturday the 7th of February. For this event the students of the Academy of Grythyttan where the creators of the food and I produced a video about their work in the kitchen and about their menu. The video was later shown at the event. This post hold the video as well as behind the scenes photos through out these past months the students have been preparing for the event, starting in November. Enjoy this kitchen story and Monday! Video- Akademisk högtid Thanks to the students of Grythyttan and The Fisherman for lending me the music.   Photography- Akademisk högtid 15th of November, 2014- Early stage cooking. Trying out the coffee- pralines and main course, size and look. 19th of November, 2014- Early stage cooking. Creating first course, main course and dessert, improving. 16th …

Food and cooking in Grythyttan.

I rambling on about my pinterest account, but for the photolover it is so much fun. Collecting whatever you like. On my Pinterest I have all these great billboards. One of my personal favorites that I care a bit extra about is ”Food and cooking in Grythyttan” . It is food photography from Grythyttan. Some photos are mine and some are randomly found on internet. Try to update as often as I can with my own photos etc. Checked my archive (not pinterest and found some fun photos from earlier). Chef and cooking related. In a way, food is amazing an certainly brings us all together. We often meet up to have food together here in Grythyttan and that is certainly something I will miss if leaving this small village. A small recap of the food and cooking in Grythyttan:           Folks, that´s all for tonight. Check out pinterest! Katarina        

Behind the scenes.

Did a small photojob the other day for the students on their preparations for an annual job-fair in Grythyttan. It was portrait photography. They created my own little photostudio for me… in the bathroom *grin*. Shot some behind the scenes photos of this event. Have been working late all week and gotten back from work around six or seven p.m so have been neglecting my spare time. I am editing some photos as we speak form this shot and soon of to the couch. Couch is my best friend after working late. Katarina And thanks for the fantastic flowers!

Please, let the snow stay!

This winter suck. I mean, first it is snow, then in a matter of hours when you come home from work, it rains. Please give me minus five and snow for at least three weeks! I don´t like this. Two nights ago I was feeling extra photo-crazy, shot my entire appartment, my new decor and also half of Grythyttan in a photosrage. I think it was the weather, because during the day lots of snow turned up from nowhere and I felt extra happy when coming home. I went out and shot the below photos, very good for being dark and shot with my cheapy Canon lens don´t you think? Yesterday morning I woke up and it was all gone. How depressing is that? Katarina   Canon 5D Mark iii Canon 50mm f,1.8ii Edited in Lightroom

A sunny December walk before heading home.

Now finally Christmas has caught up on me. I am heading home to family as I have been all other Chistmases. Am counting presents in my head as we speak. Important not to miss anyone. Martin made som fudge wednesday and when we are back we definitively will cook more. I mean, Martin will cook and I will take photos. Yesterday me and Martin went for a walk in the sunny weather. It was astonishing. Sunny and happy weather, I wish that it was more of what that came from. All Sunday will be a long drive home, around 300 km´s on small roads. Will be back at work in January and hopefully I will have had much fun by then. Katarina     Canon 5D Mark iii 24-105 mm Canon lens as well as Lensbaby lens Edited in Lightroom Photos of my taken by Martin. All other photos is taken by me.

I am a foodie.

I am officially a foodie. Wikipedia tells us- ”A foodie is a gourmet, or a person who has an ardent or refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. A foodie seeks new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.” Katarina   Canon 5D Mark iii Canon 24-105 mm Canon lens Edited in Lightroom

Vinterfesten – the annual winter party in Grythyttan

This weekend has been all about partying. Must say I I´m not a big party person anymore but this weekend held both a Christmas party for work (julbord) but also the annual winter party in Grythyttan, Vinterfesten. Didn’t bring my Canon to any of the events, but my polaroid camera. Check out the photos below from my instagram shot with my iPhone 6+ and my instax mini polaroid camera. Winterfesten had the theme Circus and held many surprises as an actually magician and also a fire-show that I caught on film. Continuing my work on my Christmas presents this evening and watching my new favorite tv-show, The Glades on netflix. If you like to check out my photos from last years event- check here. Katarina View this post on Instagram #vinterfesten14 A post shared by Äntligen vilse (@antligenvilse) on Dec 6, 2014 at 9:18am PST View this post on Instagram #wildfire #vinterfesten14 #grythyttan @carlosmbenitez A post shared by Äntligen vilse (@antligenvilse) on Dec 6, 2014 at 9:46am PST View this post on Instagram #wildfire klipp …

A forest, a fika and some editing

Today has been all about editing. Editing, a photowalk and some fika with friends (adventsfika – a Christmas coffee loosely translated).  Have finished editing some photos that I might participate with in an upcoming photo contest. It is challenge editing photos and you soon realise how important it is with a good quality photo to begin with. Have fallen in love somewhat with the grey November weather and are for the first time not looking forward to the snow. If you have asked me yesterday I would have said that snow is my favorite but today I love the grey weather. Another thing I´ve fallen in love with is the sepia filter when editing. Love black and white photos and sepia filter. It is now past midnight in Grythyttan and I am heading of to bed. There will be many other late nights editing now when I have gotten a bigger screen. Will show it some day, but for the time being you can see it on my insta – here. Katarina Canon 5D Mark …

How to make chiliflakes

This week has been a lot about food. Martin has made Kimchi, these chiliflakes, pasta with salmon in fennel-saus, mashed potatoes with cod in egg saus and baked sourdough bread. My portrait muse, my food muse. There will be more recipes in the future I assure you! I don´t think this one needs a written recipe, do you? Just look at the pictures and follow. But for dummies I have some written information down below.     How to make Chiliflakes You need 300g Spanish red pepper, a knife and an oven Cut the chilis as in the pictures, put in the owen on 70 degress celcius and dry. It is important that the chilis are spread wide over a owen baking tray. Leave the chilis in the oven over night or around 10 hours, until completely dry.   Now we are heading over to the neighbour for some coffee and horror- movies. Have a nice evening! Good luck! Katarina