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Heading for the photo-club

Today it is time for the monthly photo meeting. Where discussing and giving each other tips for the upcoming photo-competitions in the area. I don’t participate in many or haven’t yet at least and are looking forward to get a tip or two from the other members who are very talented in the art of photography. Are at the moment blogging from the phone and on the bus on the way home from work. Will grab some quick to eat and then head for the meeting. In a way it is a good thing that I forgot my leftovers home today, due to that reason. I took some photos this weekend while out shooting to show a bit of my gear. For the self portrait shoot I used my canon 5d mark iii, a Sigma 50mm 1,4 art lens, a tripod, a uv filter and a cellphone lamp when shooting in the dark. Katarina Photos edited in the photoshop express app, shot with iPhone 6+

Work in progress

View this post on Instagram A post shared by Äntligen vilse (@antligenvilse) Above shot with iPhone 6 +, edited in in the Instagram app Today I have been working with my photoproject the entire day. Most of the time trough a web seminar with fellow students. It is nice to be given critique about your work, now I have got the energy to push forward in this November darkness. To give a short update about my life I am also working on a guestpost for a travel site called Resfeber. The post is in Swedish and will hopefully be published shortly. Will of course link it when it happens. My next step in my project is to go out shooting more and will probably try to put myself in the scene more and experiment more with light, to show my perspective of Bergslagen. That is my aim at the moment. For the spring I am thinking of offering a photographer to be his/hers assistant for a photoshoot or two. Have anyone tried internships/ being an …

There is so much out there to read!

There is so much out there to read, isn´t it? Sometimes I have a hard time choosing. A long time ago I used to read books in piles, my bookshelf still witness this great book-reading-mania. Nowadays I read blogs. I want to get back to reading book and have started with a few related to my projekt, Fotografi (a basic book about photography) as well as a book about Bergslagen and different notions of the concept of Bergslagen, it is named Fram träder Bergslagen, nytt ljus över gammal region. This photoproject has gotten me really hooked on books and litterature and pictures about Bergslagen, but why not learn som old Swedish history, I think we are to bad at our own history, don´t you think? How many know the history of their own city or village for example. I don´t think there is so many that we like to think. I think that we always take it for granted. My next readings will continue on the same theme, Bergslagen and the surroundings, or photography. Maybe …

All yellow everywhere- When the leaves shift color.

This week is all about autumn in Sweden. It is now it happens! The whole world turns into a yellow cake with some early morning frosting. I know you love autumn pictures and strolled around Grythyttan the other day when the sun and the weather was perfect. Grythyttan is such an amazing plaze, I can see that now when I edited the photos. Enjoy the atmosphere and have a happy October everybody! Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm canon lens L-series, edited in Lightroom    

Swing it!

Nowadays I participate in a photoclub. Every month we hand in a couple of pictures for the monthly competition. Some months have themes and this had ”sports”. Well, must say that it wasn´t easy. In the end, this is what I dug up deep in my archive. Please give me your opinion on everything. Katarina ps. check out shoes.. Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, editing in Lightroom

the September sunrise.

This morning I made my coworker pull over the car when passing this great lake. Just had to shoot some photos of the sunrise during this foggy September. It seems that I can´t get enough of the fog! This week I had my seminar of the ongoing photoproject I am doing. Discussed my project idea. Won´t share to much of my project yet since it still is evolving in different direction and I have ended up in some sort of creative mess that I have to sort out through reading and ”just do it” by taking more photos. Photography isn´t that easy for me, at the moment, but I guess that happens to all of us.. //Oh my God. I just realized that it is the 1st of October!// Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, edited in lightroom.  

the blogs I read.

I´ve been a blogger for a while now and a post about some of my favorites would be in place. Maybe you don´t notice but, yes I read a lot of blogs and post a lot of comments. I like some because you feel like my friends and I can publicly argue with you and I like some due to the fact that you take amazing photography’s or that I can learn something else from you. I will start with only a couple, no relevans in order. My idea is to create a list that I will update on a regular basis. Will put the list somewhere..   Writes about a little of everything M- R. Margarete Rose Stringer. She lives in Australia, a country I never visited, yet it feels like I know her. She have written a book I´m reading at the moment, the memoirs of her life. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Äntligen vilse (@antligenvilse) Focuses on photography Divage, Antonia– A photoblogger that post about one photo per day. Sometimes brings …

The old mine Stripa in Bergslagen – Sweden

In the Instagram Travel Thursday post this week I wrote a question in the end of where to go for a short trip within 300 km from Bergslagen if me and boyf. wanted to go somewhere during this weekend. I think I got only one suggestion, and that is probably just because this guy is from the area and know what is within 300km from Bergslagen. Thanks to Replicant Core for suggesting Visingsö even if we ended up somewhere else.. Rep. Core is a blogger that lives in Örebro and comment frequently on my photos. Where did we end up then? The old mine of Stripa, Stripa gruva, is a mine in Bergslagen close to Lindesberg. It is really well preserved and a dream for photographers that loves history, rusty stuff and buildings. So Rep. Core, maybe this is something for you instead? Basic knowledge For 60 sek (around 10 dollars) you get a guided tour (ours where for 3 hours!) where the guide has a lot of knowledge of the area. The tour takes place …

Traveling to Paris, with

Have to tell you about something very exiting! Yes, hold on.. I am traveling to Paris in October! I bought the trip for me and my mother this autumn due to our 30 and 60th birthday this year. Paris have always been a dream travel destination of mine and I picture Paris, a little like Grythyttan but in bigger format with vintage editing in natural sense. Like a brown/grayish romantic filter with roses and nostalgia all over. Even if I know that I am going to find something else, this is how I picture it. Im so exited. First Way out West (A Swedish music festival), then Finland with #travelhouseporvoo and then Paris with mum! What a travel-year to come. And like this isn´t enough. We are traveling with, two Swedish authors that run a blog and travel with their readers. Camilla Thulin and Karina Ericsson-Wärn. Check in their blog and tag along if their is any available spots for you. Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 50 mm Canon lens f1,8. Photos is of …

Nightphoto from my summercabin.

Exhausted from being in my summer cabin over midsummer and the Gotland-trip. Don´t have strength enough to edit all photos. Tomorrow a friend of mine is coming for a shoot of her baby. It is going to be interesting to practice baby photography again. A new favorite, which I tried the first time yesterday is night photography with long shutterspead. This photo is taken with iso 160, shutterspead 13 sekonds and with a aperture of 8 (f). The whitebalance was set during the day and I never changed it, it was adjusted for sunny weather but I liked the effect it had on night. It is taken with my Canon 5D and there is no photoediting afterwards. What do you think? Katarina

All I want is to stay on Fårö until the sea takes me.

Me and my mother went to Fårö today doin some pop-culture tourism. For you who doesn´t know the concept it is when the vaccation is about traveling to the sites where stories are told, like films and books. In the case of Gotland, many stories have been told and Fårö an island to the north, where the home of Ingmar Bergman for many years, one of Swedens most well known directors. We drove around Fårö visiting Bergman center, the church on Fårö where the director also is buried and also Bergman center, where we had a coffee and looked at the exhibitions. The name of the sites we visited is (in order shown in pictures) Fårö church, Bergman center, Gamle hamn, Lauter, Digerhuvud, Helgumannen, Langhammars, Fårö fyr and Engelska kolerakyrkogården (the English kolera-graveyard). Katarina Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm Canon lens, lightroom.  

Evening by a sea with friends.

After the master thesis presentation the 30th of may, we went to a place in Örebro close to Naturens hus. Some had a sallad, some had a barbeque. Photos with little or no saturation. First three photos is taken by Ben Crisp and edited by me. Rest taken by me and edited by me. All taken with my Canon 5D Mark iii, with 24-105 mm Canon lens, and edited in Lightroom. Katarina

Summer evening in Sweden.

It is something special about the Swedish summer after all. The photos where taken 22 o´clock this evening and the sun where still up on it´s way down outside Linköping when we where heading home after a short visit in Vimmerby/Hultsfred. Katarina Photo of me taken by Martin Benitez with a little help from me. Other photos taken by me with my Canon 5D Mark iii and 24-105 mm lens. Editing in Lightroom.

Machu Picchu soon coming up.

Me and Martin booked our trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu and will be there at the 22-25 of may, which it this week Thursday. I added a countdown widget to the left just for fun. For the time being. Enjoy some black and white photos I took Saturday in the district Rimac in Lima. Katarina Taken with my Canon 5D, 24-105 mm Canon lens and edited in Lightroom.

Peru: Go to Huacca China- a oasis outside Ica

It is amazing! As one part of last weekend when we traveled we wen´t to Huacca China, a backpackers paradise next to Ica. I might have told you before that I love the desert, but I love love love, the desert. It is so distant from what I am used to. Okay, I acknowledge that the sand itself is a bit tricky to like. It is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It almost got into my Canon 5D as well after Martin carried the camera to the top of one of the sand dunes. Due to it is a travel paradise, you can get american or continental breakfast, which feels like a gift send from above when eating food you are not used to for over two months. Sometimes you miss the simple, and it is often the food. A critique not to Huacca China people but the people who travel there. Don´t throw trash in the sand dunes, bring it with you down for god´s sake. Pollution is already a problem and trash looks so awful. …

The Nazca lines

Early Sunday morning we wen´t to Nazca. It was an adventure of a lifetime I never forget, mostly due to that I was so close of throwing up on the plane but also that I discovered that what everyone is talking about is true. There is a lot of lines and you can see them. It is mysterious and cool. Take off was okay. Smaller plane means more bumps and jumps, but I was fine. They asked if everybody where ok and at first I had no clue why. A little later I got to find out why. Everytime we passed an important figure they tipped the plane first to the left and then to the right so everybody could see them. This was why you got sick. The Asian girl in front of Martin actually did throw up, not so funny. I had to fight it, but survived even if I thanked God when I was back on ground. Before the trip I longed for it since I really enjoy the desert. It was so …

Editing photography- Lightroom as an app!

It is what I have been waiting for since I bough my iPad and finally, the other day I got a mail from Adobe saying ”Lightroom now exist as an app”. The app is totally free, but you do need an Creative Cloud account, or maybe it is enough with just Lightroom as a program, not entirely sure. I have creative cloud and everything just worked for me right away. My favorite feature of this new program is: – syncing from Lightroom in the laptop. – being able to use raw files in the app, without problem. – Showing the pictures in the app and instantly knowing the manual settings, which camera it was taken with etc. – And yes, of course editing in the app! This app is my new best friend right after Adobe Ideas, the drawing app. Katarina  

10 things to do in Lima- Post 2- El Malecón, Miraflores

As you who follow me know, I have hanged around quite a bit in Miraflores and you may have also seen a lot of photos of a beach from up above and fantastic views over the city. This is basically what El Malecón is. A giant photo-opportunity. Basic knowledge It is a 6 mile stretch of green spaces, gardens and parks, where the best thing you can do is kiss your partner in the Parque de la Amor and watch the fantastic view. The Time list of course suggest other stuff to do as jogging, nothing I would ever do even if they payed me. A good idea that Time do point out is the possibility to rent a bike for a day. Something I haven´t done, but something smart since the stretch is so long. Those akin legs of a traveler needs som rest to. If you are not so in to bikes, maybe you like skating? 1. Parque del Amor El Malecón, Miraflores, Lima, Peru 2. Bike Tours of Lima Bolivar 150, Miraflores, Lima, Peru;51-(0)1-445-3172 or 51-(0)1-99916-64223 …