Month: maj 2015

taking a stroll a simple Saturday as this

Today I have focused on editing all photos from the wedding. A lot of work I assure you. Will do the rest this evening and tomorrow. It is so much fun and such amazing photos. To take a break I took a stroll down the natur path in Grythyttan as well as a stroll in the village and the forest and shot some sunny day photos. I met mostly birds and a birdwatcher. This week has been full of job interviews. May is an interesting month so far with new adventures awaiting. Katarina Photos shot with Canon Eos M3, 18-55 Canon lens, ed in Lightroom-  


Yesterday I headed for the big city, as I mentioned yesterday, and who could have known that spring where so far developed there? Apparently it had been raining in the morning before I left home but when I arrived the sun was shining and guys where out cutting the grass in the parks, sharing the space with old ladies with their dogs and youngsters having icecream. The photos I took on the road, the first three, and the last once is from Järfälla and the centre of Jakobsberg. Katarina Shot with Canon EOS M3, 18-55 mm kit-lens.

extremely tired.

Just got back from Stockholm after two job interviews. I must say that I am extremely tired.. Not sure how the interviews went but I know that I definitively will sleep like I never slept before. Enjoy the old photo from a sunset in Linköping last year when Martin and I drove from Vimmerby back to Grythyttan after visiting. Katarina

An updated post – the blogging challenge of travel pictures now translated to German and other contributors

Remember the blogging challenge of 10 travel pictures that so many decided to participate in in Sweden? It started in Finnish, was translated to Swedish by a girl Marie, that posted a comment on my challenge today and told med that she was the one that translated it into Swedish. A Swedish German person read my post and translated it into German here. The Finnish post is found here. So why not participate a bit late, but better late than never no? Check out some amazing posts from other bloggers. Travel pictures must be the best distraction ever. When I started digging I found more than I could imagine. This are the posts I found so far that contributed to the challenge. Mary Af Rövarhamn – the Swedish blog that it started at, a Swedish traveler that sailed around the world with her family for four years – Linnea Edmark, lives in Germany, Bayern Lindetravel – The family Linde that lives in Stockholm Halloj Världen – Inger Hansson, travelblogger from the souther parts of Sweden Freedomtravel – …

The day after a big event.

Shot my first wedding yesterday. Will show you pictures after I handed them to the clients and gotten their approval of course. Today, my day has been like a blur and I feel somewhat like the anemones you see on the pic, a bit pale and past time but still hanging on. I planned my day according to all tips and tricks out there to find and all of them payed off in one or the other way. Like: 1. Use comfortable clothes, but look representable. I went for the old fashion – trick of wearing black. I found myself lying on the ground and bending my feet in all possible ways so a pair of ballerina as one photographer suggested on her blog where the best tips. 2. Bring snacks. I didn´t have time to eat so yes, I snacked in my car inbetweem locations. Good suggestion. 3. Memorize schedule. I did, and that was good. I got all the photos I wanted and needed but it was with small marginals all the time. …

Roadtrip Norway: Oslo – Bergen (stretch two)

Mother and I went on a 5 days roadtrip two weeks ago and this is my forth post on the subject. To check out the other post, read Roadtrip – Grythyttan – Oslo, stretch one, Ivanssons Bilskrot i Töcksfors and 3 hours in Oslo. Leaving Oslo After a short or middle long (maybe) nights sleep mom and I where of to Bergen. Leaving early I think we avoided morning traffic, at least it wasn´t crowded. We drowe from Oslo towards Bergen on E16 passing Honefoss, then driving road 7 to Gol and Geilo and over the national tourist road passing Hogastol ending in Eidfjord. It is on this high altitude road we got into some trouble.. After Eidfjord we continued on road 7, taking road 13 passing Vossevangen and then reconnecting with E16 to Dale and then later all the way to Bergen. First stop was at Hallingporten where mom and I had some coffee and some delicious Norwegian cardemom buns. Passing Gol When in Norway I found so much sweetspots for wedding photography or …

Today we prepare for tomorrow.

Sometimes it feels like you live your live thinking about what will come tomorrow instead of living today. Today have been such a day, but for a good reason. Tomorrow I am shooting a wedding and it will be my first, as half a professional. Don´t know what to call it when I am something inbetween. I am way to serious about my photography and my equipment to call myself a amateur in the long run but on the other hand I haven´t the longest experience, anyway, on instagram I call myself an aspiring photographer. That kind of fits, I think. I started the morning by cleaning my equipment, that was about time. I normally just dust the glass of but are far to neglecting with my displays on the camera as well as checking so nothing is broken or has a crack in it. Tomorrow is the big day, yes it is. From this mornings cleaning session, shot with my iPhone 6+. Katarina