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Today we prepare for tomorrow.

Sometimes it feels like you live your live thinking about what will come tomorrow instead of living today. Today have been such a day, but for a good reason. Tomorrow I am shooting a wedding and it will be my first, as half a professional. Don´t know what to call it when I am something inbetween. I am way to serious about my photography and my equipment to call myself a amateur in the long run but on the other hand I haven´t the longest experience, anyway, on instagram I call myself an aspiring photographer. That kind of fits, I think.

I started the morning by cleaning my equipment, that was about time. I normally just dust the glass of but are far to neglecting with my displays on the camera as well as checking so nothing is broken or has a crack in it. Tomorrow is the big day, yes it is.

From this mornings cleaning session, shot with my iPhone 6+.




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