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3 hours in Oslo

Arriving in Oslo you feel pretty amazed by the surroundings, Oslo is so much more beautiful than I imagined. Before going I asked a friend who is living in Oslo/ Norway what to do when just staying for an afternoon in Oslo, she said, ”take a walk by the castle and have a beer at Akers brygge”. So that is what we did!



Smart hotel Oslo

In Oslo me and mother parked our car in the parking house by the central station and took tricken (tram) to our hotel, Smart hotel Oslo. Smart hotel is what is sounds, a compact living hotel that was very satisfying for the low price of arround 750 sek for one night, two persons.

In the entrance at Smart Hotel Oslo you find this sign that is a piece of art as a memory of what happend in Oslo 22th of July 2011, a tragic day for Norwegians and all of us. If you spot this sign, you know you are in the right place.



Walking to the castle

After packing our stuff into the hotel (well after first running around the central station trying to find the right direction), we started our 10 minute walk to the castle. Very beautiful situated on a hill we found Oslo castle.

oslo-7oslo-8 oslo-9 oslo-10

ww pondered for some time, took a selfie, shot some film and then continued.


Continuing to Akers Brygge (Filipstads Brygge)

The walk from the castle to Akers Brygge isn´t long, we though managed to take a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at Filipstads Brygge. I believe that it was a better choice since it probably was cheaper here and very cosy in the sun.

oslo-12 oslo-14

oslo-15 oslo-16oslo-17

Åkershus fästning


Noben peace center



Walking around for a while after dinner we then decided to go to the hotel.

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