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The day of resting.

Canon 5D Mark iii, 24-105 mm lens, lightroom.

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  1. I feel as if I know a lot of Lima, now, Katarina ! 🙂 Some particularly lovely shots in this lot – including the handsome Martin, of course !Did he buy that shirt ? What kind of day was it ? – hot ? Is it always hot there ?

    • no. it was frio. martin bought the shirt, yes, it is a chefs jacket 🙂 Hoping to educate you further before going home. How you doing on you photo techniques. Found the turn of the flash button yet?! 😉

  2. A wonderful portfolio again. I have been to Lima but only on business. I’d like to explore more.

      • I don’t have any photos as I had little time off. If I go again I’d like to explore properly. Your photos are an added incentive.

        • Yes. A good idea is to plan in adcanve if you don´t have so much time. I´ll go for the old center if I have little time since I like that best, but if you live in Miraflores, I guess that is nice to explore as well. What is your favorite hobby when traveling? Shopping, restaurants or looking at history things?

          • NOT shopping! Culture, old towns, people watching. I can wander and watch all day.

          • Yes, then the old center with plaza de armas or plaza mayor are your place. There you have a lot to just look at. But the museums on the other hand I haven´t really got a grip of since they are spread out across the town. I like the Huaca pullana, lot of info there. I also liked the new gold museum, but this I haven´t written about. They have a superbig collection of weapons, and I mean, rooms and rooms and rooms. They actually have nazi-weapon there which amazed me, among others a hunting sabel/knife/ (not sure the right word here) from Herman Göring himself and also Francos weapon. They also have the greatest inca gold collection ever. Gives you a little perspective on how much gold the incas did have. I´ll write of the museum of gold another day perhaps..

  3. Fabulous the day of resting! I love, love these captures, Katarina! 🙂

  4. Jag hittar direkt mina favoriter här: arkitekturen, valven och pelarna, dem älskar jag! Sen gillar jag bilden av Martin, lite skuggad lutad mot pelaren och de två som matar duvorna, deras fladdrande hår. Även gatukonstnärerna är läckra. Det måste vara lätt att hitta motiv där, svårt att välja ibland, kan jag tänka, när det finns så mycket.

    • Jo. Jag har många hundra bilder jag inte har lagt ut. Men man kan ju spara lite till sig själv också 🙂 Man vet aldrig när man behöver dem.

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